one laptop per child


The XO laptop has built-in functionality for still and video photography, voice recording, and game playing.

Built-in microphone

The XO laptop has a built-in microphone to allow for voice communication and recording. There is also an external microphone jack that supports both AC and DC sources.

Backlit display

The XO’s display functions in a full-color mode similar to other laptop displays, and in an ultra-low-power, ultra-high-resolution, black-and-white mode that’s readable in direct sunlight, for children in developing countries who attend school outdoors.

Built-in speakers

Internal stereo speakers and an amplifier provide a way for children to play music, videos, and anything they have recorded themselves. There’s also a jack for external headphones or speakers. Both the built-in camera and microphone illuminate a green LED light when in use, offering a measure of protection against unauthorized recording.

Game controller

The XO laptop features two sets of four-direction cursor-control keys built into the display frame. These keys can be usedwhen the screen is folded flat into handheld mode, creating a self-contained e-book reader, media device, or game player.

Screen rotation

A button on the XO laptop’s display frame changes the orientation of the screen, so it can be viewed right-side-up from any direction. This offers possibilities such as reading books in vertical orientation in handheld mode, or viewing a video while the laptop hangs upside down on the wall from its handle.

Built-in camera

The XO laptop has a built-in color camera providing still photography and video recording capabilities.