one laptop per child


In addition to its superior connective capabilities, the XO laptop can work with a wide range of external devices.

Antennae ears

The XO laptop’s wireless antennae “ears” are made of rugged, dual-molded nylon plastic. When rotated up, the XO’s antennae are vastly superior to most conventional laptops’ built-in antennae, and help connect children automatically to the mesh network. When down, they keep dirt out of the audio and USB connectors and act as a locking mechanism for the laptop.

External headphones & microphone jacks

Along with built-in speakers and microphone, the XO laptop features jacks for external headphones and an external microphone.

USB/memory ports

The XO laptop features three external USB ports to support a variety of plug-in peripherals.

Power jack

The XO comes with a power cord that can be plugged into any 110-to-240-volt AC outlet for charging. The power jack also accepts DC power from a solar panel for charging the XO laptop’s battery.

SD memory slot

A built-in slot underneath the XO laptop’s monitor accepts SD Memory Cards for photos, video, and other content.